I Apologize ..

Pardon My ugly Mouth
In todays Aftonbladet it clearly sais that i have nothing to do with the commercial film for Max Hamburgers, and for that I am happy, But only happy? No, off course not.. the language im using is horrible, not appropriate at all.. after the intervju the reporter asked me if i felt like i was run over by a big company and screwed... stupid as i can be i translated that word in to swedish and agreed...it became a not so beautiful word.. hmmm.. but i couldnt in my wildest dreams think that he would use that word in the article... guess i still have some lessons to take in how to handle the media.. never learn, do i?.. so for this i will wash my mouth with a soap for the rest of the day and i cincerely apologize to anyone offended!

But now everyone knows that I donīt rap about salsa sauce in my beloved This is the way...well, if everyone reads aftonbladet, that is..


E-type with the mouth full of soap
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