Hello in the Saturday!

Time to visit the gym? -Si!
Time to visit the gym? -Si!
I sincerely hope that u also are fine..
Here in Stockholm its a terrible weather but im on my way up to what we in sweden call Dalarna to visit my sister and her two boys.. and i need to listen to some songs that i probably will have to sing..!.. yes sing in a tv show next week.. its a great fun show where 2 teams are compete by singing and making a fool of ourselfs.. why not.. its some slow days these weeks.. and people need to be reminded that i acctually canīt sing.. hehe..
im so damn swedish that i still prefer the cold weather to the constant heat in spain.. But when i see this pictures from my birthday the other week.. i wouldnt mind having that afternoon in the sun today again..
and yes im thinking of a way to show all the pics from the competition but i havnt figured out a way yet.. im not that of a hacker as u all know.. i will soon think out another one .. competition is fun.. and thanx to carin its acctually working..
and maybe with a little help from god... and the bank ive found a house. . bidding starts next week .. brr.. i just wish i was as rich as im famous.. i dont care what neighbourhood i live in but id like to stay in the one where i have all my friends and where im brought up.. but that area is like the most expensiv in sweden nowadays..it sure wasnt when i was a kid.... typically .. but well see next week.. so take care so long

hugs from

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