My friend Tommy on his way to a masquerade..
My friend Tommy on his way to a masquerade..
the first but not last competition on
But the next one everybody on earth can participate in, even if ya never have seen my ugly face on stage..

Once again thanx a bunch all u wonderful people who sended me and glorious special agent south Carin all the funny pictures.. it was a hard time choosing from them but a man s gotta do what a mans gotta do... And special hugs to Carin that helped me alot with the correspondence and adresses...

oh..the photo? Remember me telling u about my friend and clubgigkeyboardplayerstandin that lives in monaco..Tommy. He just mailed me a picture of him taken today cuz he and his girl and their friends are going to the biggest masquerade on the riviera.. im invited but im sitting in a rainy stockholm cuz i have a meeting with my auditor tomorrow morning.. good planning?
-N J E T!

Kisses from

And thanx Carin at again...
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