Congratulations Lena Nenzell Hedman!!

Some lättöl and a boot?
Some lättöl and a boot?
One of the great 5!
Lena is a almost professional photographer.. she likes bikes, me, her dotter, mushrooms? trees, and interior design, her favourite song is true believer...

and some swedish;

Jag är Lena.
Gillar att fotografera det mesta så som bilar, motorcyklar, E-type, min dotter, svampar, träd, hus m.m.
Gillar att renovera och inreda mina hus och min nya lägenhet.
Lyssnar på musik heeela dagarna. Har tyckt om E-types musik och texter sedan 1994. Absoluta favoritlåten är Tru Believer som betyder något speciellt för mej.

"So her contribution is more of the artistic vibe than crazy, more serious .. hmm she is in the front row, the bombs and the fire are bursting its a hell of a noice and im working my ass of to
perform just in front of her...and she focus on small details on me and on stage and just steal them with her camera.. thats cool and different. hugs from me the book is flying your direction!"

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