Congratulations Berith Sandberg!!

-Ouch, my mouth!
-Ouch, my mouth!
One of the 5 winners!

I’m very happy to be one of the winners of this competition

The pic I send was one of pictures who was taken on the Offshore Race Party 12th of july 2008 in Oskarshamn.

Who am I?

My name is Berith also called Bettan. I’m 39 years old. Live and work in a small town called Kristianstad that I also is born. That leis in the south part of Sweden in a landscape called Skåne. My interests is music (eurodance, pop and rock), movie, art, history, animals and nature. I’ve liked and became a huge fan of E-types music since 1996 or 1997, then I heard ”Free like a flying demon”. I think it was his song who kept my attention and some lyrics. After that I bought the cd “The Explorer” (that is still number one for me) and of course all of his cd’s from “Made in Sweden” to “Eurotopia”. His music and great personality is a huge inspiration for me (from good to bad times). I’ve also met many friends throug his music since I saw him live at the first time 2004. After that it has been many concerts allmost everywhere in Sweden.



"Dear Bettans picture is a fully live photo, and maybe she didnt know this but, ivé just smashed my mouth against the hard rockin´marcus guitarr and hold my mouth in pain when she managed to take a shot, very funny but also a great live shot.. hugs Bettan and see u again soon..the book is on the way "

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