Hey U Dear Web!reader...

Meet Herrman.. the biggest spider ever to be seen in sweden
Im Great, the hunt for a new home is on... and its a hand full.. you know, a beautiful house but no garden for the dogs.. hmm.. a huge garden but nowhere to put the studio so i can write more music... hmm.. great house and garden but in such bad condition so i will spend one year just renovate it.. and spiders in the basement in size of a swedish snusdosa, thats like a small fist... and thats big since sweden geographicly doesnt belong in the big spidercountries.. like egypt! ! well well.. hopefully somethings comes up soon.. cuz soon i dont have a home.. hehe any how..

Since im the almighty judge in our little competition ive decided that i will not give three prizes .. but 5 and those 5 will be presented here from today on .One a day..

but first let me show u the spider from todays exploring in an old basement.. just perfect to shoot a horrormovie in.. But two sweet squirrels were chasing eachother in a tree in the garden.. alot of animals in that house ;-)

Watch out for winner nr 5 soon..


Harrison E-type Ford in "The search for the lost home"

Hoho my sister called and said that she never will visit my homepage if i dont take that big spider photo away.. so i make it smaller.. happy sis?
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