How are u today?
little Dee on a club yesterdayIm just fine.. some well deserved vacation in my opinion... the little city of puerto banus, the ocean and everything exiting in spain to explore right outside my door... and i stay in my room all day with the cutains over the windows watching The Da Vinci Code... wonderful.. no musts and no one telling me what to do... i dont even remember living such relaxed days.. no projekts, no hammers and nails.. but later today i have one mission and that is to choose from all the pictures that special agent south carin has send me in our little competition.. i hope we find some gold grain in there.. I liked that movie by the way.. da vinci code, it really tuned things up side down.. i hear the book is better but i read just too little.. its never time for that... but.. hear ya soon..

Hugs from spain

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