Howdy! I hope ure fine, i´m great.
Yes, its true.. a fairly old man is getting older.. hmm.. but i can think of worse ways to celebrate it.. i just checked in to one of the best rooms ive had on a tour.. not that big or luxius.. more cosy and with a balcony just over the ocean.. sound of the wawes are like nonstop music..water is smaragdblue

Yesterday was great.. we played at a party in puerto banus ..at a swedish company called Tools.. and my friend and extra keyboard player are the marketingboss there so he brought us over here.. and proud to say.. i think he did the right thing.. we had over 10 TEN stagedivings from the stage.. last one was me.. just flew from the stage cross the room and was carried back to the stage.. what room? it was outside in the djungelgarden.. crazy... wonderful people in TOOLS .. thx for yesterday Johan falck and TobbeTools.. just a bit sad it was a private gig cuz the spanish people should see waht we in E-type do when we do it like that.. grrr.. and today im getting abit older.. i can really feel it...or maybe its the lättöl fom yesterdays evening..hmm or this morning.. well everthing is fine here and i hope its the same with u.. and little sanne and Dee did great on stage as usuall... felt good to be on stage with Dee again.. but that woman need space around her when she dance like that.. i forgot in the begining of the show .. and was kiked a few times ...

hear u later

kisses E-type
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