Maybe I´ve should have taken those dancinglessons after all..
Maybe I´ve should have taken those dancinglessons after all..
and explanation of the huge E-typephotocompetition
1. you your self took the photo and therefor own the copyright of it so i can present it without going to jail (with max hamburgers)
2. last date to mail it to Special agent south Carin is the 26th of August 2008 23.59 at
3. It doesent just have to be me on the photo, it can be you on a e-typegig or my musicians or someone else attending a concert with me, or just something funny happening on a e-typegig that u just happened to catch on your camera
4. if i find that more than just 3 pictures are worth showing here on dis very site i dig up some more good prizes
5. these kind of pictures are allways welcome to send to Special agent south Carin competition or no competition...


well.. today the sun is shining again in stockholm and im going to a marriage.. this can be really fun and im looking forward to it.. the dogs are safe and im going to have a lättöl.. or 2 and meet up with some old and dear friends.. my old friend Tommy is toastmaster ..maybe some of u have seen him as keyboardplayer on few diskogigs.. he is a really funny guy but he has moved to Monaco and i dont see him alot.. but i will soon go down there and visit him.. so there will soon be a report from there on this very site..but for now.. lets find my old and dusty toxedo

kisses from me

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