Where is the microphone?
Where is the microphone?
Time for a competition...
I have found some copies of my book about the heroic viking Udo and his first adventures called Sveakampen.. unfortunately its in swedish but if u win and donīt speak swedish, i will tell u the story when we meet...!?..

So what to do to win this rarity?

Dig deep among your new and old pictures from a E-type gig and find the oddest, strangest or funniest picture. Send it to my venerable (hm..new word there) special agent south Carin at e-type@live.se and me myself will be the only and all mighty judge and prestent the winners on this exclusive homepage of mine...Funny? well, its up to you!

Start digging!

Kisses from E-type

(And no, its still not me in the ad for max hamburgers... lawyers from hell are looking in to it.. and frankly im a bit sad that max hamburgers are doing like dis cuz im from norrland and i liked max hamburgers be4 they showed me dis disrespect..i mean the ad itself is not bad, the music is superb, what i dont like is that people think that ive sold my soul to the devil and rap about salsa in one of my best songs...thats what make me pissed.....to be continued..)
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