in sweden today we have a late summer feeling wich is great ..
cuz.. sometimes i get so sad after a summer tour that everyone starts to talk about christmas.. i mean.. there are lots of warm and nice latesummer and autumnevenings left this year.. no? anyhow, im good.. im little bit worried cuz i dont have a home in a couple of weeks.. i know its not so smart to sell the house be4 i bought a new one.. but thats me.. my friends use to call me the master of spontaneous.. but i will find sumthing.. hopefully..

and i walk.. as we say in swden.. like a cat around hot corn.. when it comes to the gym.. i should really take the time as i use to ..to train my old body but its soooo hard to get started.. its so boooring on those gym.. but i really need it after all the jumps from the drums this summer my knees are in a bad condition.. and i know as soon as i enter the gym hall i will feel better.. so as u can see.. nutting new has happened in my life these days.. i was dreaming this night about claypigeon shooting.. that was nice.. i have never been much into sports but the last nights ive ben watching alot of the olypics.. and really liked it.. and yhis night i was dreaming that i won a big claypigeon competition.. hehe.. so now i just have to start practice again.. that feeling was good..

the picture shows how ure not supposed to jump when u have thin legs like me.. but its fun and at the moment it feels like the right thing to do.. it doesnt really show but its about 2 meters jump from the top of the drums to the stage.. so its extremly stupid.. well well

kisse from me, hope u have more to do than i have..

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