In Malmoe safe and ready

its 16.43 and ill be on stage 18.02 to perform This is the way, life and true believer..
acctually my own choice of songs.. we should play the new The Tide but since i havnt had time to rehearse it with the crabsneakers and give it my and our special tour turn i dont perform it.. but the band that i will play with here and in gothenburg is very nice them too.. they have alot of songs with different artists to remember but they do a great job.. but the pic´s are from the party in takidas loge efter the concert they had in gothenburg.. very nice kalas by the way.. few lättöl is never wrong, that jonas in ace of base use to say.. I like Takida, great guys, and i just dont say that cuz they bought me some lättöl, no we stole those frpm backyard babies loge, sorry dregen, but we did.. but the guys in takida are strange, they continuisly throw things, fruit and stuff at each other, like a heden ritual or sumthing.. very funny but it looks like it hurts..


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