The swedish Castle Tour Continues...

Skottorps Castle - close to halmstad, south/west of sweden.
Howdy, how are u? Im fine on my little swedish cruise around the land.. This moment im sitting at the skottorps castle having a cup of tehe with a very swedish frasvåffla and hjorton jam.. but that wasnt so certain cuz..well this is the naked truth about what happened..
The morning after a big party with all the friendly guys in Takida and Backyard babies in gothenburg..i took a deep breath in my alco-meter and it gave me green light to continue my journey down south to malmö.. its a long drive so i had breakfast in the car and headed down south..


By the time i came to helsingborg 230 km south of gothenburg i was struck by the horrific truth that my luggage was still in the luggage room in the hotel in gothenburg... Shit! offcourse i went back for my toothbrush and computer and everything.. 230 km back..thats 460 km.. only a very stupid man or a man suffering from a serious baconess from the day be4 are travelling like this.. anyhow.. i picked up my luggage and headed down south again.. but after 500 km i booked a room at the stadshotellet in Varberg cuz i saw like 4 lanes instead of the only one there was.. and after a long and well earned night at the old stadshotellet (3 E in my new scale, 1-6 ) in Varberg I am now on the road again and after seing a sign to Skottorps castle i just had to get here.. they are very friendly here.. soon the daughter of the owners family will show me the elder part of the basement (1670) of the castle, cus the rest of it is built in the 1820 an is to young to catch my interest.. The swedish king Karl xI got married here 6 may 1680.. after that the castle degenerated for like 100 years until it was bought by Peter Möller who had made a fortune on selling illegal booze and made the castle empire style wich sux in my opinion..but i look forward to see the older basement.. any how

See u in just couple of hours on stage in MALMÖÖÖÖ

for the last Rix Fm show for me this summer

kisses from the slowbrained

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