Vive la France!!!

My name is Lionel I am sorry for my poor English. I am a french fan of E-type since the beginning, with the single « we got the athmposphere » !

I have a question for you Martin : would you come back in france ? Because you have many many fans in my country !

That will be a great moment for me, because you are my idol, and for your others French fans to !

I’ll remember, your first performance in france, at the “Dance Machine 6”, with your megathit, one of your hits, “This is The way” ! That was a great great show.

So can you thinh about it ? Thanks for your music, you have a big heart !

Hugs From france,


E-type sais;

Hi Lionel, thanx very much for your letter, and don´t worry about your english, its much better than my france ;-) and probably my english too.. but yes offcourse id just luv to come back to france again, iv been touring alot over there but it was many years ago.. so just send me an invitation and ill be on the next flight.. many hugs and hopefully see u soon...

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