GoooothenBurrrg! ! !

GothenBurg is a magnificent town....with a beautiful people..
Just wonderful.. yesterday me and Marika and Sanne went down to gothenburg to play with BWO, Curt Nilsen, Sonya Aldén, Linda Bengtsing, Ola, måns Selmerlöv, the nice brothers Rongedal at the Radio Rix Summerfestival.. just 2 songs each but damn.. gothenburg can sing.. i rally wanted to play more and had a hard time getting off stage after my this is the way and true believer.. very much thanks all the people at kungstorget..even back there by the lättölstents.. almost sad my own summer tour is over.. its a hard job but when a crowd like yesterday sings like that i just wanna rush back.. now some few days off before i do my last rix fm summer fest in malmö saturday.. lets see how they sing down there.. hopefully as well..

off course its a different bill on the dish on the big picture compare to the lunch i had yesterday, but this is food for an emperor.... ahh.. like the people from the stooneage i also just luv shellfish in any form.. and since i have some vacation i thought i was worth it .. Sjömagasinet rules.. and the toy basketball game at Babar.. Viva Rasta Hunden!

Thank you Gothenburg

kisses from E-type
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