Breaking News!

My little dog Vanda has cut her paw on a sharp fragment of glass..
(Before u read this; -No, nothing much is happening in my life for the moment, this is as dramatic as it gets these days, wich is quite nice acctually)

..well, some schmuck has thrown a bottle in the nature and off course my little curious brown princess steped on a sherd of it... and her master got mad and flew across the islands through reefs in the dark night with just a flashlight in my hand and the little dog howling in the boat..(she usually exaggerate alot when hurt, even so just a little hurt, but still she fools her master who think its a matter of life and death) and this morning i was watching the excellent show 60 minutes on the telly and they were, among other things, debating what to do on mars if we ever get human beings there.. and i got this terrific idea; off course, we send all the druglords, pedofiles och people who throw bottles of glass in the nature there. -50 C, no oxygen and sand as long as the eye can see.. and no dogs

...otherwise i allready miss playing on stage.. damn, i really had a good band this summer.. and some of the audiences we met were just the best in my career. I said very early as E-type that if so only one person dance, sing and got happy with my music it is worth the effort writing the song, producing it, recording it and and finally perform it...and today ive got a mail from a certain "Lioness" that told me that she had a wonderful time at the concert in Luleň ive change my mind, I think we did good there!

kisses from E-type
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