Tidan Rules!

a beautiful bunch of people in Tidan/Skövde
a beautiful bunch of people in Tidan/Skövde
Just the perfect ending of a great summer tour 2008..
johan got a strange fish on the hookThank you all the glorious people who danced and sang with us at Tidan this last saturday.. a beautiful memory to have from the tour this summer.. it has been a marvelous tour. 9 out of 10 gigs has been great.. and i know, i know we didnt do that great in luleå.. im not sure why? we heard it was 22.ooo people there and maybe we all got overloaded and wanted to do great and .. yeah what ever.. we all know we can do better.. but thats the beauty of the business.. its alive.. usually its a rush and the songs and the performing is in place and suddenly out of the blue ..its not.. but in Tidan everything fell in place.. and for that im happy.. kisses from me so long

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