opps I forgot to tell you..

The crazy tour started earlier this week..
.. in the small cozy and royal town of Mariefred where you find my favorite castle of Sweden called Gripsholms slott.
This castle has been the home of several kings of Sweden and has a huge collection of historical portraits. I took the long tour for hours in this mystical atmosphere in this old and preserve castle. For instance, the almost crazy king Carl the IXs bedroom is almost intact since the 1580s. I can tell you the bed wouldn't fit a euroking like me.. Those guys where short people but I had a splended lunch at Mariefreds Wärdshus which is the oldest one in Sweden.
You have to visit this castle if you have the chans. One of its kind. And now of to Varbergs Fästing. Hugs & Kisses from E-Type (One of the old and grey ghost of Gripsholms slott)
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