Both Enköping and Motala was totally awesome !!!

Thats great.. really.. now we have found the right tourfeeling..
merciless eurometal on very loud volume .. Enköping is kinda close to Sthlm so i took the car there.. why write that? well i usually take the tourbus but it allways leaves many hours too early.. interesting? no! oki.. well and all the guys and girls were full of expectation and energy for the weekend.. and little Sanne had something much more important to do this weekend..NOT.. but we had a stand in under the name of Sabina. very nice girl.... a really good gig... and a little gettogether after at the Joar Blue.. classic disko.. so the day after we travelled 3 hours down south to the beautiful town of Motala but they had some strange event in the town that just swallowed all the hotelrooms so we had to spend the night in Linköping.. AND mOTALA WAS CRAZY.. Sator played just before us and old Noice after ? dont know who thought that was a great idé but it worked very well..usually we play latest at the festivals but this night we came off stage early as 2400 wich was great.. the whole band went to the radiocars.. and some of us made the misstake to go for a ride in the machine called the worm..ugh.. the most frightful and scary thing ever built.. and they run it twice as long when they recognized me brrr.. Motala was also a huge concert for us.. now we know where the closet shall stand(swedish expression).

My old englishteacher told me infront of the class in school many years ago; Martin, your english is so terrible you will not ever work with anything that has to do with the english language, i can promise you that! Do i have to say that i skipped her classes after that since it was no idea to learn it.... She was wrong and look now.. i have to work with the language almost everyday.. i cant spell a word right.. lol all because of this old dragon.. i cincerly hope she read my small notes here.. haha..

well that was the weekend ...

I see the rest of u all In SUNDSVALL on saturday... yeahhhh

kisses from me E-type
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