What is This???

I wrote a long and very deep analysis and true story about the wonderful day we had at Liseberg In the fantastic Gothenburg 17 june...
But what da he..ck happened.. it disappeared.. in the mystic tunnels of the cyberatmosphere it just vanished poff Im so sorry partly cuz i dont remember everything i wrote but whatever...

Me and my dear kappell master Dereborn took tha car down and took it it very slowly, we had all day to get there.. and on the way we went in to every store that sell antics and old stuff to see if we could find cool stuff for my little cottage.. and we did.. to many.. and in gothenburg i met alot of dear and old friends and family.. my mothers brother and his wife.. he is just the coolest shotgunshooter in the west of sweden..watch the small picture.. no its not Burt Reynolds in nu blåser vi snuten.. .. and my old tourleader and legend Håkan Axlid turned up, gert pettersson didnt.. hmm.. and little special agent south with her camera.. but the gig were very good.. its kinda hard for us cuz we usually do late clubgigs and festivals where the audience usually are alittle bit older and its dark and sum peep have had a lättöl and so on... but liseberg is so special, ive played there like 5- 6 times and its allways so direct, honest and clear.. some of the guys are younger and its kinda hard to deliver this fullmetaldiskoshow in broad daylight.. and thats just the thing that make the gig so special.. u can almost say hello to each and everyone.. but it was great.. its such an honour to be back everytime.. and heard we had almost 5000 peep there.. mayby not like 98 when we had over 20.000 but this is the first summer i tour and dont have any particual radiohit.. so im happy.. real happy.. just plain e-type diskometal ... so once again thank you all for this day and may the eurogod take me there again.. and later me and dereborn were supposed to go home in the evening but hmm.. the whole band became very excited after the show and went out to celebrate sweet Marikas birthday.. and we did it very thorough.. we went home in the evening the day after ...hepp.. gothenburg is one of the best places to go in sweden where it feels like ur international ..like in another land like spain or france or sumthing.. thats cool.. to be on the wrong side of sweden ;-)

So that was briefly the story but much better than the one that got lost in the dark endless catacombs of the cyberworld..

kisses from Me

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