Then, after, a perfect landing through rain and thunder on Sollefteå flygplats ..
..we went by bus to Junsele Animal park for saturday nights gig.. and after soundcheck and pyrotechnic survey the very nice animalkeeper Jeanette and manager Ulf took us all to the cage were the famous white lions and the white tigers lived.. The tigers were grown up so we didnt go in there but the lions were only 8 months.. huge beasts but in to the cage i went.. i mean, alot bigger than my biggest dog jeddan and heavy, white things with totally blue eyes.. damn.. not ever seen anything like it.. and as u can see on the pic ; it feels when they bite u...unfortunately i had the jacket wich my smallest dog use to sleep on when im away so it probably smelled alot of ..hmm..? food or sumthing cuz the lions found that jacket so well smelling that they ..ate it.. hmm.. at least some part of it.. but it was my misstake to wear it.. but finally out of the cage i was very happy the blueeyed animals were´nt any older and bigger.. cuz i think my hair also smelled good... but then we met the old bear Loke and he looked very sad.. they said it was cuz the new female wont let him .. kiss her´? but i think it was cuz tha cage were too small.. but its hard to be an amateur in these questions.. as long as we help the ugly world preserve and protect animals from extermination i think we doing the right thing to keep them in cages but those who dont live in that danger (risk) zone i find hard to watch their sad eyes just wanting to come back to the wilderness.. even if they are born in cages... but thats just what i think and i am an amateur in these questions as i said...


The gig later that evening i think was one of the greatest, most explosive, well played, hard, and mean we have ever done with this orchestra... wow i just love to have that sound and energy everytime.. but that is the nature of this line of business.. u just cant have that if ur not playing in kizz or some other perfect well directed las vegas show with no room for artistic freedom and changes.. and as i sing in This is the way; We´re going through Changes... so there it is, u have to see every gig to experience the Junsele Effect ;-)

Do i have to say that i didnt fly and took the car home the very next day?

Kisses and lionhugs , see u all in Enköping this weekend or Motala...there we will see if we can lure that energy back again..

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