WOW that was a Crazy Weekend!!!

It feels like we left like 2 weeks ago... White Lions, Tigers, small aeroplanes..lots ofem too, more than 10.000 people in the audience in Finland...I love Finland..
...and the best Band and Team i have ever had on any tour.. well, where to begin? Because of the distance and the special holiday Midsummer we had a huge problem getting from Himos 90 km outside Tampere the day after Finland when we had to go to Junsele 600 km north of we had to rent 2 small private planes and those picked us up in västerås friday about lunch... the pilots where very nice and professional... in the rest of the world u rent Learjets in these cases but in sweden its more expensive than we´ll ever earn on the gigs so.. no learjets for us and yes ..its no secret that im not made for flying small things uhh Max Martin use to say that i am from the Middle Ages and i dont like to fly cuz i dont know that we can fly... and hes probably right... well we came thrue the clouds to tampere and we had a great gig on this big..very big folkpark.. over 10.000 people.. totally great, i just love to play in finland.. but someone had fuked up something with my pyrotechnics so we couldt use our own, so we had to settle with some ten times smaller local things ...No fun when its a big crowd like that, but it was a memorable gig rain off course.. once again thank you Himos and finland ... then 90 km to the hotel.. woke up next day by heavy thunder and rain and storm and Hail.. yes.. lets fly somewhere over large water in very small one engine aeroplanes built for hobbys uhh but we survived despite the fact that me myself were second pilot.. and about this and the white lions i will tell u later.. HUGE thx for this weekend if u where there... kisses

E-type the not so very cool artist in the sky
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