Dearest Martin,
> My name is Ekaterina, I represent the first online Synth Radio Russia and
> a progamme devoted to Eurodance music.
> I want to ask you, of course if it is possible, to record a short audio
> greeting for Eurodance music fans! For example "Hi, I'm Martin E-Type
> Eriksson.
> You are listening to Synth Radio!" Or he can record something from
> yourself! We Synth Radio) and all the Russian fans will be very grateful!
> Of course I wanna thank you for your incredible music! Being your fan
> since 1994 I still think that you are the best on eurodance scene. And it
> is very sad that our Russian promoters didn't realize that couse we don't
> lose hope to see you in Moscow (not St Petersburg again! =)) with biggest
> show ever!
> I'd be glad if my letter is interested you=)
> Billion kisses to you!
> PS. I enclosed some pics with fans from e-type.ru
> Yours sincerely,
> Ekaterina E. Churillo
> Synth Radio
> www.synth-radio.ru
Hi sweet Ekaterina and thanx for ur letter and the pictures... so nice to hear from u ... i will do my best and try to record a greeting as soon as possible with help from my dear tourleader Niklas ekstroem at sync managment... i would love to come to moscow again.. too long ago.. we had a great time t petersburg though but it would be great to see more soon... i just love the webpage


so lets do some commercial for it ...


hope to hear you soon and many hugs and kisses

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