Latest news!

Our exellent E-type Special Agent South ; Carin
has now got an adress where you kan write to me and the homepage...

.. and Carin will then deliver your letter to me.. and I promise, I really promise; I will NOT answer them all but probably some when im not on tour..

Kisses and hugs from

E-type and Carin

.. and now off to a secret gig somewhere in sthlm, not even I know where it is.. rather exiting acctually.. and hopefully i will have a chance to cut Bandleader Dereborns hair before the show, the russian gards at the airport confiscated his haircuttingmachine... on the other hand we had the best gig in a long time over there so maybe i should stop cutting peoples hair, i would not be a nice guy if someone did that to me.. hmmm
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