hi everybody,

thanx all u guys in kungsträdgården for yesterdays little gig...
... and probably cuz of my show we just pushed zlatans goaldrought ..hm..new word?.. to an end later that evening and won over greece... greece is a wonderful country but competition is competition.. sometimes when i shoot claypigeons in a competition i just have to win over my dear friends.. it doesnt allways feel good but its in the nature of the game...well as u can hear not very much has happened in my life since yesterday.. we release a new little song on Radio Rix from the new album called the Tide and it worked really well yesterday wich was the first time i ever performed it... so tomorrow we have a full conserto again but unfortunally in a private companyparty so its kinda hard to invite u all... but i see u all in Flen by the weekend? well something did really happen today, i did something very stupid, early this morning i took off in my little boat in full rain, half storm, totally fogg, no maps or gps or even a compass... just cuz i had a meeting with 2 guys who came to my little summer cottage to grind the floors... its important with nice floors but on the way over i felt really stupid that i took such a chance for the f-ing floors... i wont do it again and since i now admit my stupidity to all of you, you dont have to do the same and maybe...just maybe it all went to be a good thing and i just prevented alot of people to go missing around the sea with no maps or gps....hmmm... the small picture is a small miracle, they still have one of the best icecream ever constructed in norway... The Sitting Bull!

Cheers / E-type
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