Home n Safe..

Thank you Karlskoga and St petersburg for a great weekend...
We had a great gig in karlskoga saturday night, tanx again United for help with security and Damn, I tell u.. Russia is fantastic, they had this enormous economic gettogether among all the top politicians and förståsigpåare within economy in europe in St petersburg and Ace of base played friday evening and no less than little me on the final evening sundaynight, that is yesterdayevening, full band totally live and a wonderful audience just by the water, the big channel that goes right thrue the city... local pyrotechnic, and local instruments but it worked really well..and a huge firework just behind the stage that lasted for almost 4 of the songs.. biggest ever seen.. alot of press so maybe i will make a career again over there.. that would be nice... friendly people... and look at my room..haha , that is what i call a room for a rockstar´, why dont we have rooms like that in sweden.. or maybe we do but not for me... but its great to be home, see u in kungsträdgården tomorrow on the big fotbolls event , think we play campione and a new song about 18.00..

spaziba and hugs from me

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