How do u do? Today i have had that just wonderful day in the sun, far out among the thousand islands right outside Stockholm..again..
This time me and Jeddan met up 2 electricians and the wonderful painter Kjelle to finish the electric and paintjob on my little house out there...i have painted alot my self but the summer is on its way and there is still alot to do..look at his smile.. and all those jokes, almost all dirty ones about all the women he have met and so on.. Kjelle is a king painter and allways make u laugh.. and he is by far much better to put up wallpaper than i am.. but he started the same year i was born so hed better be.. but the other guys thought that the wallpaper was alittle ga..feminin...but i think its cool to have some colors, people allways paint everything in white just cuz they donīt dare to choose the wrong color... color rules.. i think..and kjelle too..

well that was my day...not even the radio was on today...ops..

hope u enjoy the weather

hugs from the carpenter and thanx norway again, my throat is still sore after screaming too much on stage...


The small pic is probably the coolest little toilet ever built in sweden.. and a heck of a veiw .. offcourse my blueprint hehe
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