Norway is fantastic!

Hi again, yes, i know its too long ago, i really hope u havnt erased my lil homepage from yar favourites... No?
THATS GREAT; cuz now Im back and will write as i should more often, its hard to have the computer stashed somewhere in a storage, ...

But me and the fabulous CrabSneakers went to our dear neighbour Norway this lst weekend and Damn those guys knows how to party, yihaaa, we played at a Folkpark in Kongsvinger, fantastic, the loge were in a trailer and everything was exactly like its supposed when u play folkparksgig, even the weather were great.. tourmanager Niklas had a camera there so lets hope that he put some new pics from norway here soon, -niklas.. WAKE UP!

I hope u are fine and that the sun is shining on you, i will sneak out among the islands and continue to wallpaper my new lil bedroom..or the dogs bedroom where they let me sleep too... i dont know if its good or bad but it feels very mature to acctually learn how to put wallparer on a wall.. but its fun once u get the hang of it.. so dear reader hear ya soon... yes thats a promise..

hugs from E-type

No i dont sleep in the toilet, the pic is from last week before i put wallpaper up in there ;-)
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