howdy hoo

how are u, im fine? Alot to do these days but as u make ur bed u will sleep as we say in sweden...
i have had some wonderful and friendly mail and letter from some folks that are a bit worried why im moving my home suddenly, and the answer is that i lived in my little house for 4 years and.. well its time to pack and find another, maaybe little bigger home where i can have my studio at home, then i dont have to leave the dogs so often... and maybe with some land to it so i finally can build my little viking village wich the goverment and the important peaople of power in sweden dont give a damn about... hehe but this is not very cheap around sthockholm so maybe i have to look further away.. hmm.. but shame to those who give up, as we say in sweden.. but no new home is to be found..yet... but im scanning the market...

anothrer really fun thing is that im a small but very proud sponsor of a car in the swedish Porsche-cup and the exellent driver Jocke Mangs who won almost everything this last weekend... so hip hip hurrah to him and the winning team... more to be read about this will shortley come here on my lil webpage... many kisses sso long

Yours truly

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