Hello my beloved friends..

I know, i know, i knowww...
that i acctually suck at writing on my little homepage for the moment but im in the middle of moving my home so my computer is in a paperbox somewhere stored so i have a very hard time writing here.. but soon i have my proper workingroom again and until then u have to forgive me.. please?

Im fine and i really hope that u are too... we have some gigs like last saturday on the big students party for the pupils of kungilga tekniska hgskolan, great evening, great people... and now were off for some weeks before the summer tour starts.. 2 dogs and no home so u can understand that i have my hands full.. but keep yar fingers crossed that i get the house im looking at for the moment.. ill tell u more later.. hugs and kisses from


The picture is me and my dear kapellmästare and bassplayer Johan Dereborn trying to look hard and mean on our bikes... i dont drive that bike anymore, these days i have my Chopper..wich i drive every second year or so..hmm..
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