E-type listener of the Week..

The beautiful and talanted tv-show hostess Sofie Ericsson in her wonderful knickers..some years ago when i was playing at the swedish grammis awards.. great picture isnt it? A very funny gig, some of the elder gentlemen in the audience werent really expecting our huge bombs in the pyrotechnicsset, they screamed right out and our dear guest keyboardist Max Lorents stage dived from his keyboard down in the floor and he was alomst killed in the jump..but im glad he made it..those were the days.. hoho
But today is a big day, ive been far away down to the beautiful area of Flen 150 kilometers southwest of stockholm on a shooting competition ..like skeet but more into the birdhunting but we only shoot at claypigeon..damn funny and yours sincerly won one of the smaller side competitions and came number 2 in one of the big ones.. 23 out of 24 pigeons.. do i have to say that im damn proud.. it was like 2 years since i hold a gun in my hands... thats my day so far.. hope u have a nice day too

hugs from me... and for those who wonder;
No off course not have i been singel in 15 years, i almost got married some years ago but.. nope.. not that time... but i like to keep some parts of my life a little private.. but its true that peep in my age usually have kids and a family.. so i have some catchup to do ;-)

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