Hey You!

How are you? Im fine...
Im so happy cuz the most wonderful time of the year has arrived spring/summer.. even my two dogs are happy running around chasing the poor birds in my backyard.. me and the band are having 2 weeks off now and its acctually pretty nice not to worry about the music for awhile... but the rest of my world is little up side down for the moment..alot of new and exiting stuff is happening in my life and im looking for a new home.. and.. well yeah.. no im not getting married unfortunately.. but im gonna start to work with some other project beside my music.. very exiting and i will tell u more later.. im spending alot of time in the archipelago and i must tell u i just luv the life out there.. this last year has been very hectic and i have hardly had any time for my self so .. i have this urgent need to find some peace and the islands and the sea is just perfect.. lets hope for a great summer... but we have alot of gigs this summer so check the schedule if im close to u? Many kisses and more news coming up soon...

Yours Truly
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