Vive la France!!

hi, it's michael
I leave in France, I'm 19 years old. I love so much your music above all "set a world on fire" "life" (that you didn't sing in France) " russian lullaby" "here I go again". I'm sorry you don't sing in France because you are the best singer with Dee demirbag that I love too!! why you didn't sing in France? Lot of people would like so much listen your music, it's wonderfull... Your music miss us so much!!!!! when you come back in France??

I'm sorry about my English, I will try to write in English.... kisses


Hi Michael! Yeah, La france, damn it.. many years ago me and Dee were travelling around france for more than 2 years, playing just everywhere from small clubs to bigger events but one day my french record company stopped promoting me.. don´t know why.. but it would be great to come back to this beautiful country.. if i got an invitation i would go tomorrow... hope to see u soon Mike.. See if I can bring Dee with me .. its been a while since i worked with her but she´s fine and still looking good as ever.. hehe.. compared to me ;-)

Salut/ E-type
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