I have a question!

And E-type have some answers!
i've seen that e-type writes some stuff on his site daily. i think it would be cool if he had a way of getting replies from fans or people who run across his website. i couldn't find anything of the sort, so that's why i'm writing this suggestion here, hoping somebody would take it into consideration. he seems like a pretty cool guy. :D

best wishes!

E-type sais in his poor english;

It would just be awsome to have such a forum, but we tried it eralier and u have to watch it everyday cuz its allways some nuthead writing mean and evil stuff and if im out of town for a week, the message is there for the young ones to read.. and i dont like that.. but its a pity that some people allways take the chance to abuse if they can.. but i will take this idea and see if its possible with the chief engineer of the site or whatever his title is..

how are u people? im fine...building my new little studio and just luv the spring sun and its about time to present the E-TYPE LISTENER OF THE WEEK coming up coming up SOON....

kisses from Me

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