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12 January 2011
Unbelievable! Incroyable!

New song on Monday! Read more »
New press photos with bingo Rimer .. old artist!
3 January 2011
Hello there

Hope you are well and that 2011 is a great year so far.. Read more »
2 January 2011
This year's first news

are unfortunately Read more »
30 December 2010
A good end of 2010 and a happy new year!

Not the best picture but a happy man lying on the floor with a nice glass of wine in his hand. Read more »
He looks a little serious on the image .. Yes, but it is only because it is very tedious to sit as model when an artist paints the portrait
24 December 2010
Merry Christmas..

most valued friend Read more »
20 December 2010

Hope you are well and manage to get through snowdrifts Read more »
In this work of art picturing Alexander the Great cuts the Gordian Knot, we can all see the world's first Walkman headphones on the man who shrinks back to Alexander's sword
1 December 2010
Hallo there..

Hope you are doing excellent. Read more »
But you can not smell the wine through the bottle? Well, yes, if you have age and experience what it smells like.
14 November 2010
Halloj dear comrade

Hope you are doing well this Sunday. Read more »
Although I am used to stand alone against the enemy, this is a bit exaggerated .. time to run .. Fast!
1 November 2010
Greetings valuable fellows!

Hope you are doing well this Monday! Read more »
But was that the best picture you could scrape up from the incredible studio? Yup, I had to put the camera on auto to get to both me and John Shell Back and Max Martin in the same image. And the second thing is that Max is a bit shy as everyone knows
27 October 2010

Now it is done! Read more »
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